What Is Erase Herpes?There are many people who suffer from the herpes virus and there are many more to follow. However, there is a treatment that can help. The current theory is that there is no permanent cure for herpes, but this isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to erase herpes all those people can start living a more comfortable life.

The treatment was developed by Dr. Christine Buehler and it comes in the form of a guide book. Within the 109 pages of the guide the reader will discover all the natural ways to get rid of herpes on a permanent basis. To top it off, there are no side-effects to the treatment Dr. Buehler provides.

Everything you’ll need to use regarding the Erase Herpes treatment is readily available in stores, seeing as everything is based on home-remedies. You will also need some supplements, but these are just easy to buy over the counter.

As a herpes sufferer herself, Dr. Buehler did extensive research on the subject. Along with Dr. Languin she developed a regime that is capable of dramatically boosting the immune system. In turn she got rid of herpes quickly and effectively. The program literally removes the virus from body cells. It is also the only program that is backed with scientific proof.

The program is laid out into two steps. The first step is called “Uncloak Herpes Virus” and it requires 10 days to finish the step. Step no. 2 is called “Healthy Diet Routine” and it has to be followed for 13 days. When these steps have been successfully completed Dr. Buehler shares the scientific proof that makes her treatment so powerful.

Don’t get caught up in the “herpes can’t be cured” set of mind when such a perfect solution is out there, waiting for you to try out and regain control of your life.